Camp isn't just for dancers - it's for coaches too!

We know great teams come from great coaches and we help you be the best you can be. Our Coach program equips you with all that you need for instant success. 

Every Coach Receives:

  • Spacious Coach's Tote - Great to haul all of your stuff around the entire year!
  • 2017 Summer Camp Material DVD - Containing our complete curriculum of summer camp material for the 2017-2018 school year! (limit one per organization)
  • Coach's Instructional Manual - Comprised of everything from A to Z when it comes to running today's dance program!
  • The latest updates to all things happening at AmeriDance and Eastern Dance!

Join the VIP Club!

When you attend an AmeriDance summer camp for three (3) consecutive years, you're in! It's that simple. VIP members receive special discounts and perks. Launch your membership to PLATINUM status and receive even MORE perks when you refer a new organization* to an AmeriCheer/Eastern summer camp!





*Visit AmeriDance.com/VIP for details on how you can be a part of this prestigious club! 


Save with AmeriDance! We Appreciate You

Our Customer Appreciation Program (CAP) rewards you* for being loyal to our brands. 

*Visit AmeriDance.com/CAP for more information.


"Our instructors are so willing to work with each dancers' abilities and this is very important to me as a coach. If each dancer is not encouraged, then she cannot excel. When at the end of a long day of camp our girls are still smiling, still asking to 'go over it one more time' , I know that once again we have made the correct choice"

Sherri Tackett
Valley Jr. High Dance Team

CheerSounds is the official music mix provider for AmeriCheer's and AmeriDance's Summer Camps.  Check them out for your music mixes!